100% Eye Safe LED

● The WAVEBRIDGE series of Free Space Optical links uses 100% eye safe LED technology. Unlike laser, it is 100% safe to look at with viewing aids or the naked eye making it perfect for public events and high population installation areas.

Ultra Wide LED Beam

● WAVEBRIDGE has an Ultra-Wide beam that is up to 10 times wider that competing technology. This alows for building sway without the need for auto-tracking or auto acquisition. Install on towers, tall buildings or even wires.

License Free

● License free! No interference issues. FSO is an attractive alternative to Microwave or Radio Frequency systems. Connect your network without permits or licenseing costs.


The Customer Challenge:

Plaintree’s free space optic products have a well-earned reputation for providing reliable wireless communication solutions to clients with unique needs but never before had WAVEBRIDGE® reached such heights.

In the winter of 2007, Montal Professional IT Solutions encountered a particularly challenging situation trying to establish a wireless connection for one of its clients. Using Plaintree's WAVEBRIDGE® products, it was able to literally, rise above the problem.

The issue was establishing a line of sight between buildings located in Birmingham, England where the wireless connection was being set-up for the client, the local Housing Association.

Operations Manager for Montal, Paul Rogers, engineered the project. He said it took a day of project management to come up with the idea and implementation process and then only a day to install the product.

The WAVEBRIDGE® Solution:

The solution was to mount the WAVEBRIDGE® FSO product on a 20 foot pole and install it 40 feet above the ground. The challenge was then handling the weight of the pole with the product mounted at the end.

"We brought in a pole from a company in the U.K. that specializes in providing poles for video screens or for cameras and mounted the WAVEBRIDGE® technology on the end," explains Rogers. "We used a Cherry Picker (boom lift) to deal with the weight of the pole and were then able to install the pole 40 feet from the ground."

Today, almost a year after the installation, the WAVEBRIDGE® product continues to provide reliable wireless communications service to the client and has proven that with innovative technology comes innovative solutions.

Client Comments:

“By raising the technology above the building we were able to extend viewing and establish the line of sight. There were no issues with alignment, and it was quite straight forward to configure.” Paul Rogers Operations Manager Montal

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