• Cost-effective, High ROI

• No frequency licensing

• Virtually no frequency interference

• Efficient signal (Fiber performance)

• Low latency

• Rapid Deployment

• Maintenance free

• Robust design - 20 year MTBF

• Layer 1 device (physical layer)

• 100% eye-safe (Class 1)

• Most secure transmission path

• Ultra Wide Beam (17 m @ 1km)


WAVEBRIDGE® by Plaintree Systems Inc.

Why spend money on leasing or installing fiber?

The WAVEBRIDGE system allows the installer to create a fiber-like backbone from sight to sight in hours instead of weeks. If you need to connect your buildings for VOICE, DATA or VIDEO, Plaintree offers a system that gives fiber performance with the freedom from spectrum licensing, regulations, digging and permits.

Rapid Deployment, Custom Solutions, Free Space Optics

With the WAVEBRIDGE product line, Plaintree Systems can offer fast, reliable communications for almost any line-of-sight application. Plaintree specializes in designing and installing custom solutions to meet the customers exact needs.

Free Space Optics - Outdoor Wireless - Point-to-Point Connectivity


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