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Free Space Optics - Outdoor Wireless - Point-to-Point Connectivity


Series provides full duplex data throughputs up to 155Mbps at 1500 meters. This product is ideal for high capacity commercial customers or for extending a Metro fiber ring.

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The WAVEBRIDGE® XT optical wireless system uses LED (Light-Emitting Diode) technology to provide a Local and Wide Area Networking alternative to wire line, fiber, leased circuits, and radio frequency (RF) solutions.

The XT WAVEBRIDGE® series is designed for long-range outdoor applications with a distance of 1000m -3500m in clear weather conditions.The XT series can be used as a bridge to extend or replace conventional cabling systems for longer applications. These are easily installed and provide a wide LED beam for easy alignment and high throughput margins.

The XT series offers a cost alterative to fiber when connecting buildings, networks or custom projects through line-of-sight technology. With a throughput of 10 -155Mbps, zero interference from microwave or RF frequencys, secure transmission, and rapid deployment, the XT Series is the perfect network extension device for data/voice and video applications over long distances.

Free Space Optics Advantages

  • 100% Eye Safe - Plaintree’s FSO units are 100% Class 1 eye safe.
  • Ease of Installation - Mounted and configured within a couple hours.
  • Custom Power - With POE, 12VDC, 48VDC or custom solar.
  • Redundant Back-up - RF or FSO rollover back-up 100 Base-Tx Port.
  • LED Wide Beam - For sway, wind, ease of alignment and reliable link margins.
  • Secure - WAVEBRIDGE® is virtually undetectable secure LED Infrared beams.
  • License Free - No license’s, right-of-way permits, or frequency allocations costs.

Point-to-Point LAN Extension
Voice, Data and Video
Wi-Fi Hotspot
Cellular Networks
Emergency Communications
Media Events
Coverage Over Obstacles


With it’s large optics and strong mounting, the series is perfect for connecting your buildings together over greater disatnce.Wordwide Enterprise and SMB’s who are looking to extend their LAN network quickly with a high return on investment (ROI).

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