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optics performance wireless networksWAVEBRIDGE® LS Series

Series is designed for short range outdoor and window-to-window applications. Easily installed and transportable - ideal for media events, disaster recovery, or crossing the street. This product range supports 10 or 100 Mbps and has a maximum distance of 500 meters.

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The WAVEBRIDGE® LS optical wireless system uses LED (Light-Emitting Diode) technology to provide a Local and Wide Area Networking alternative to wire line, fiber, leased circuits, and radio frequency (RF) solutions.

The LS WAVEBRIDGE® series can be used as a bridge to extend or replace conventional cabling systems. The LS Series is designed for short range outdoor and indoor window-towindow applications. Easily installed and transportable the LS Series provides a wide LED beam for easy alignment.

The LS series offers a low cost alterative to fiber when connecting buildings, networks or custom projects through line-of-sight technology. With a throughput of 10 or 100Mbps, zero interference from microwave or RF frequencys, secure transmission, and rapid deployment, the LS Series is the perfect network extension device for data/voice and video applications.

Free Space Optics Advantages

  • 100% Eye Safe - Plaintree’s FSO units are 100% Class 1 eye safe.
  • Ease of Installation - Mounted and configured within a couple hours.
  • Custom Power - With POE, 12VDC, 48VDC or custom solar.
  • Redundant Back-up - RF or FSO rollover back-up 100 Base-Tx Port.
  • LED Wide Beam - For sway, wind, ease of alignment and reliable link margins.
  • Secure - WAVEBRIDGE® is virtually undetectable secure LED Infrared beams.
  • License Free - No license’s, right-of-way permits, or frequency allocations costs.

Point-to-Point LAN Extension
Voice, Data and Video
Wi-Fi Hotspot
Cellular Networks
Emergency Communications
Media Events
Coverage Over Obstacles


The WAGEBRIDGE® product family is Canadian made and supports E1/ T1 (ITU-T G.703), 10 Mbps (10 BaseT, IEEE 802.3), 100 Mbps (100 BaseT 802.3u) and 155 Mbps (OC-3, STM-1) interfaces, making it the wireless networking solution of the next millennium.

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