LED Optical Wireless that can provide you with SMB, Enterprise, or carrier solutions for Point-to-Point connections.


With Speeds from 10Mbps to 155Mbps (OC3), our free space optics provide fast latency free connections.


Infrared technology provides an almost 100% secure beam that is not visible or susceptible to RF security issues.

100% Eye Safe LED

● The WAVEBRIDGE series of Free Space Optical links uses 100% eye safe LED technology. Unlike laser, it is 100% safe to look at with viewing aids or the naked eye making it perfect for public events and high population installation areas.

Ultra Wide LED Beam

● WAVEBRIDGE has an Ultra-Wide beam that is up to 10 times wider that competing technology. This allows for building sway without the need for auto-tracking or auto acquisition. Install on towers, tall buildings or even wires.

License Free

● License free! No interference issues. FSO is an attractive alternative to Microwave or Radio Frequency systems. Connect your network without permits or licensing costs.


Free Space Optics (FSO) is a technology that enables the optical transmission of data, voice and video through the air. It is a wireless broadband technology, which requires clear line-of-sight (LOS) between a pair of FSO transceivers. Free Space Optics offers flexibility as well as alternatives to licensing, using fiber cable or radio frequency.

FSO technology has fiber-like capabilities with reduced total cost of ownership (TCO) and high return on investment (ROI). It provides inexpensive, quick access to customers in need of a high-speed connection by taking advantage of the license free nature of the FSO spectrum.

WAVEBRIDGE Solutions... 1

WAVEBRIDGE® can provide custom Free Space Optics solutions for most applications. We specialize in point-to-point, custom projects, LAN, E1/T1 extensions and more.

PLAINTREE Services... 1

Plaintree offers its customers a full installation service. Whether you just want a site survey, help with installation or a full turn-key solution implemented we can help.



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